SafeGate® –
the fully automatic personnel airlock for safe access and optimal prevention.

An investment in the safety and health of your visitors, guests and employees.

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has considerably restricted people's opportunities to meet and use public facilities, modes of transportation and event venues as well as the operation of production and industrial companies.

A core problem is often the fast and reliable control of admission. In addition to checking the ticket and registration by name as well as a security screening, it may also be necessary to check whether a mask is required, to disinfect hands or even to take a temperature measurement. In some cases, such controls are prescribed by the authorities.

With SafeGate®, an automated access control system was created which can safely and reliably take over the currently required protective measures and much more.

In the form of a compact pass-through module, SafeGate® can be individually equipped for each respective purpose and use. Currently integrated are automatic hand disinfection, contactless temperature measurement, an accreditation environment (via ticket or ID card verification) for traceability, verification of testing and vaccination status, a visitor counting system and a camera-supported recognition of whether a visitor is wearing a mouth/nose cover.

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The Product

Compact unit with modular control functions.

SafeGate® is currently available in two versions. The double gate has two passages and can, after successful completion of the safety procedure within one minute, allow up to eight people to pass through.

With an extended technology it is possible to accelerate this process, which has a particularly positive effect on areas such as public transport (buses; trains,) industrial enterprises and the filling of arenas and stadiums, for example. The single gate is somewhat more compact and narrower with only one passageway.

SafeGate® is so versatile in its functionality and modularity that its deployment is not only useful in times of a pandemic but can also be utilized in the future. The integrated counting system documents exactly how many people are in the building, even across several rooms. By using two or more devices, the exact number of people in the different rooms can be determined. Purchase and rental prices are available on request.

Single Gate

Double gate
Double gate with entry and exit gate
Freestanding terminal module with turnstile
Freestanding terminal module with ID Printer
Terminal module with wall mounting
Terminal module with wall mounting


Officially prescribed safety and hygiene standards, including traceability, are guaranteed and complied with.


The fully automatic personnel airlock can allow up to eight people to pass through within one minute.


The module can be individually configured to every application and purpose in every industry. All functions can be switched on or off, making SafeGate® a profitable and useful investment not only now but also in the future.

Conforms to DSGVO

SafeGate® supports access control by collecting only the legally required and prescribed personal data to ensure secure tracking.

Third-party software connection

The built-in scanner can read COVID-19 test results or vaccination statuses if they are available as a verified QR / barcode.


  • Tracking Apps (Luca App, Match Fit Pass, etc)
  • Corona Warn App
  • Digital vaccination passport
  • Event platforms / websites
  • etc.


Within our companies, there was a desire to give citizens access once more to the many cultural and sporting events in their city. That was our motivation and inspiration

“SafeGate® was conceived and tested in a very short time, applying our experience of many years in event technology and security, and can be used now for operations in many cities and industries.”

Bernhard Urbach

“With the help of SafeGate®, institutions of all kinds – promoters, landlords, organizers, agencies and industrial enterprises – once again have the opportunity to open their doors to internal and external target groups without reservation. The controls necessary for it can be accomplished reliably and particularly efficiently by automation thanks to SafeGate®.”

Heino Holzemer

“We are very pleased, as a partner, to be able to contribute our many years of expertise in the areas of design, mechanical engineering, production and ticketing software. Our focus is on customer-oriented solutions. As a company from Baden Württemberg, we associate strongly with the state slogan: We can do everything, except speak without accent.”

Gerd Neureuter


Partners and Cooperation

Together, strong for the future

Besides the SafeGate® partners of Matrix event+safety GmbH, MSB GmbH and krauth technology GmbH, we count on further strong companies for the hard- and software of our products.

A development by

Supported by

Sales Partner Austria, Hungary, Portugal

Venue Management GmbH
Herbert Vatschger
+43-664-20 21 809

Sales Partner Switzerland

Tech Consult & Service GmbH
Jakob Vatschger
+41 79 843 11 11

“With SafeGate®, we’ve developed a solution that makes meetings of any kind possible again. Our automated protective entrance control creates an environment in which visitors, guests and employees feel safe and comfortable.“

Heino Holzemer


Have questions about the product or interested in purchasing or renting a SafeGate® module?

Then please get in touch with us.


SafeGate® – a development of:
Matrix event+safety GmbH, MSB GmbH
and krauth technology GmbH

With friendly support from Kentix,
Ophardt Hygiene-Technik,
SKIDATA and the Volksbühne at Rudolfplatz


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